All praise is due to Allah, the Honoured, Who has created men honourable and has taught him speech, which he knew not. So pure is He, Who’s favours cannot be enumerated by the tongue nor by the pen. We bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah, the One, Who has no partner. And we bear witness that our master Muhammed is His servant and messenger who was endowed with concise speech, honoured wisdom and sublime morals- may Allah shower His salutations and peace be upon him and his companions, who are the guiding stars of the ummah to the straight path.

To seek the knowledge of deen is to fullfil one of the greatest fardh of Islam.
Consequently, this has been greatly stressed and we have been commanded to acquire it.
The blessings of Allah are really great on a person whom Allah chooses to become an Aalim or Hafiz and serve the Deen of Allah.

Consider the following Ahadeeth:

- He who treads a path seeking knowledge thereby, Allah eases therewith a path for him to Jannah.

- Surely the angels spread their wings for the seekers of knowledge, being pleased with what they are doing.

- With whom Allah desires to do good, He gives him the understand Deen.

- The seeking of knowledge is compulsory on all Muslims.

- Surely the Ulema are the inheritors of the Ambiya, and the Ambiya do not leave in inheritance dinaars and dirhams, but
they leave in inheritance knowledge, so he who takes it takes a full share.

- To be present in a gathering of knowledge is better than performing a thousand rakaats of salaah, visiting a thousand
ill persons and attending a thousand janazaas.

- The virtues of an Aalim over an Aabied are like the virtues of the full moon over the stars.

- On the Day of Qiyamah three (groups) of persons will intercede, the Ambiya then the Ulema then the Shuhada.

- One learned man is stronger against Shaitaan than a thousand worshippers.

- Glad tidings to those parents and students who have chosen for their children the path of seeking the knowledge of Deen.

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